Monday, 15 July 2013

Umbrella Street In Agueda,Portugal
Águeda  is a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 335.3 km² with a total population of 49,456 inhabitants (41,022 electors in 2006). The main city proper has a population of 14,504, while the remainder is distributed in 20 parishes, within the Baixo Vouga Subregion.
Águeda, has been the municipal seat since 1834, city since 1985, and was built on a foundation of successive Celt, Turduli and Greek inhabitants since 370 BCE.
Ancient occupation of this area was marked by diverse megalithic monuments, including the archeological site at Cabeço de Vouga, an important Roman military fortification along routes from Olissipo (Lisbon) to Bracara.
In the 9th Century, Águeda was a prosperous burg, with stable commerce and an active port that supported local and regional businesses. It was mentioned in documents from 1050 to 1077, by its primitive name Casal Lousado (Lat. Casal Lousato), or by its anglicized forms: Anegia, Agatha and Ágada; by the 9th Century, this settlement was referred to as Ágata. In a document dated 1050, there is mention of several villages situated within the current borders, many with names originating from Arab languages.


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