Monday, 15 July 2013

Todi Castle,Italy
The TodiCastle also known as Capecchio is a castle located c. 15 km south of the town of Todi, on a hilltop to the east side of a town called Collelungo, which is part of the Municipality of Baschi, near Terni, in Umbria, Italy. The Castle was recently recognized as Residenza d 'Epoca, belonging to the National Heritage. It is also part of the prestigious Italian Castle circuit Institute, an international organization under the auspices of the UNESCO.
TodiCastle is one of the finest example of Italian architecture.The area of this estate spans to 45-acres.The castle was originally built in 1100 AD as a watch tower but later on evolved into a castle. The construction of the TodiCastle was entrusted to three architects namely Marcello Confetti, Giorgio Leoni and Vittorio Garatti.
TodiCastle was built as a watch tower around 1100, during Roman times, in order to protect the Colonia Julia Fida Tuder (Todi Roman name) for the southern boundary line. Torre d'Orlando (former name of the watch tower) was built in a strategic position, to look over the area bounded by the river Tiber, the river Arnata and a famous Roman road, the via Amerina, which linked Todi to Lazio. Its strategic function continued into the Middle Ages. When Desiderius, the last king of the Lombard realm, reigned over Italy. The territory of the Julia colony was granted to the Pope; five hundred years later, in 1275, it became the Diocese of Todi and then the Municipality of Todi..


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