Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Timisoara, Romania
Timișoara  is the capital city of Timiș County, in western Romania. One of the largest Romanian cities, with a population of 319,279 inhabitants (the third most populous city in the country, as of 2011), and considered the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat, Timișoara is the main social, economic and cultural center in the western part of Romania.
Timișoara lies at an altitude of 95 m on the southeast edge of the Banat plain, part of the Pannonian Plain. The rich black soil and relatively low water table make this a fertile agricultural region.
Due to the hydrography projects undertaken in the 18th century, the city no longer lies on the Timiș River, but on the Bega canal. This is a relatively active seismic area, and earthquakes up to 6 on the Richter scale have been recorded.



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