Saturday, 6 July 2013

St. James Court , London England
The Court of St James's is the royal court of the United Kingdom.It previously had the same function in the Kingdom of England (before 1707) and in the Kingdom of Great Britain (1707–1800).
The Court of St James's is named after St James's Palace, which is the senior Palace of the Sovereign, currently Queen Elizabeth II.It remains the official residence of the British Monarchy, despite Queen Victoria and her successors living at Buckingham Palace since her accession in 1837.
Although St James's Palace is the official residence of the Sovereign, the Court moves with the Queen. As Buckingham Palace is the official London residence,the court and consequently meetings of the Privy Council occur there, as the Queen does not live at St James's. During her extended stays at Windsor Castle (typically during Easter), Sandringham during Christmas, and at Holyrood Palace or Balmoral Castle in Scotland in the summer, the Court will be at Windsor, Sandringham, Holyrood or Balmoral. When the Queen travels overseas in her role as Queen of the United Kingdom, the court also travels with her.



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