Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sudermania, is a historical province or landskap on the south eastern coast of Sweden. It borders Östergötland, Närke, Västmanland and Uppland. It is also bounded by lake Mälaren and the Baltic sea.
In Swedish, the province name is frequently shortened to Sörmland.
Södermanland means "Southern man land". It was used as a directional reference to lake Mälaren, compared to Uppland (north) and Västmanland (west).
Södermanland is situated between lake Mälaren to the north and the Baltic Sea to the south and east. In the south, the border to Östergötland is comprised by the Kolmården forest.
The terrain is flat, with its highest altitude being Skogsbyås at 124 meters elevation. The terrain largely consists of water filled hollows covered with woods on the heights.
There are three major water regions. One in the west, where lake Hjälmaren drains into Mälaren. There is a second water region on Södertörn, which is rather small in size and has no larger lakes: Bornsjön 6.5 km², Orlången 2.5 km², Magelungen 2.9 km². The third is to the south towards Kolmården.
Stockholm: It’s notable that both the city of Stockholm (capital of Sweden) and Stockholm County is divided in the middle between Södermanland (southern part) and Uppland (northern part).


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