Thursday, 18 July 2013

Montaza is the name of both a district and a park in Alexandria, Egypt. The district includes the park, but the two are legally distinct.Montaza" does mean "park", but like most words in Arabic there is an essence that is missing by literal English translation. It can only be understood with a greater awareness of the root: "nuzha"(Arabic: نزهة). This means variably - to be far, untouched, unblemished, and free. Thus "montaza" takes meanings such as promenade, walk, stroll; recreation ground; park.
The district of al-Montaza (Arabic: حي المنتزه‎ Ḥayy al-Muntazah) is a local government district of Alexandria Governorate on the north-eastern end of the city along the coast. Besides the neighborhood-sized park of al-Montazah which gives it its name, Montaza District includes the neighborhoods of Syouf, al-Falaky, al-Mandarah, Sidi Bishr, Maamoura, Khurshid, Abu Qir and parts of al-Assafra. With a population of approximately 1.2 million, Montaza District is the largest district of the governorate by population.
The Montaza District central administration building is in Sidi Bishr, at the intersection of Masgid Sidi Bishr and Malak Hefni Streets, near the Sidi Bishr station for Alexandria's intra-city rail system. The building was damaged by fire during the Revolution of 2011; the building had contained a police station, which, like police stations across Egypt, was a particular target for protesters.


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