Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sund,Lofoten Island Norway
Sund is a municipality in the county of Hordaland, Norway. Sund covers the southern part of the island of Store Sotra, west of Bergen, and many smaller, surrounding islands. The history of the municipality dates back to 1838, when Sund was first established as a formannskapsdistrikt, the precursor of the modern municipalities. Sund is a predominantly rural municipality, with no major settlements, the largest being Klokkarvik with approximately 630 inhabitants. Due to the proximity to Bergen, a large proportion of the population commutes to the city to work, although fewer than in its neighbouring municipality, Fjell.Sund was established as a formannskapsdistrikt on January 1, 1838. Austevoll was separated from Sund on January 1, 1886. The municipality is named after the farm Sund, where the first church was built. The name is identical with the word "sund", which translates into English as "strait". The coat-of-arms is from 1988, and shows a lighthouse.



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