Thursday, 6 June 2013

Kyrenia (Girne) in Northern Cyprus Turkey
Kyrenia is a town on the northern coast of Cyprus, noted for its historic harbour and castle. Internationally recognised as part of the Republic of Cyprus, it is under the control of the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and capital of its Girne District. Once predominantly inhabited by Greek Cypriots, Kyrenia's population consists now largely of Turkish Cypriots, British people and Turkish immigrants.
Kyrenia dates to the end of the Trojan War and it was founded by the Achaeans, ancient Greek colonists from the Peloponnese who established towns in the district. Evidence from archaeological sites excavated in and around the town of Kyrenia evidence settlement since the Neolithic period, 5800–3000 BC. Mycenaean (Achaean) tombs dating from 1300-500s (decade) BC and geometric artefacts have also been discovered. A fine climate, fertile soil and an abundance of water offered ideal conditions for the town's early settlement.
Cepheus from Arcadia is believed to be the founder of the town of Kyrenia. A military leader, he arrived at the north coast of the island bringing with him many settlers from various towns in Achaea. One such town, located near present-day Aigio in the Peloponnese, was also called Kyrenia. East of Kyrenia lays the "Coast of Achaeans". It was at Kyrenia, according to Strabo, that Teucer came first ashore, to found the ancient Kingdom of Salamis after the Trojan war....



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