Tuesday, 7 May 2013

River and Mountains New Zealand

Crystal clear water, snow covered mountains, blue sky and tumbling clouds are the main qualities of country New Zealand. In this picture you can see that the flowing cold water is looking marvelous and it is adding beauty to its surroundings. Perfect place for Camping and Trekking with loved ones ..
The Tongariro River is a river in the North Island of New Zealand. The part of the Waikato River from the Waihohonu Stream, down to Lake Taupo, was formally named the Tongariro River in 1945.The river originates in the Central Plateau of the North Island where it is fed by numerous tributaries (such as the Whitikau, Poutu, and Mangamawhitiwhiti streams) that flow off the surrounding hill ranges and mountains such as Mount Ruapehu. It then winds its way north, through the township of Turangi before entering Lake Taupo via a number of river mouths. The minimum volume of water flowing down the lower Tongariro River ranges from approximately 16 m3/s (recorded at the upper rivers Poutu Intake) to 21 m3/s (recorded at the lower rivers Major Jones Pool). This volume can substantially increase due to catchment of rainfall by the surrounding mountains and hill ranges.

The Tongariro River is New Zealand's most fished river, and is a drawcard for anglers the world over, who come to the Tongariro to fish for spawning rainbow trout and brown trout, which run up the river from the lake to spawn over the colder winter months. Approximately 75% of the trout in the Tongariro are rainbow trout, and 25% are brown trout.



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