Sunday, 21 April 2013

Antaliya, Turkey
Antalya is a city located on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey.Antalya is the world largest sea resort.The population of the city is 964,886.Antaliya is world most visited tourist city. It covers an immense area, and though of vast bulk is one of the most attractive towns to be seen anywhere, besides being exceedingly populous and well laid out.Antaliya is the warm and hot country of Turkey.During summer it is very difficult to find free hotel because many many tourist visit this city because of natural beauty.


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    1. @Zorba Meer Turkey is the world most beautiful and under progressed country.Istanbul,Antalya,Izmir,Alanya,Mugla and Ankara are the most beautiful and populated cities of Turkey,,You can see Mediterenian sea here in Turkey.Every Year bundles of tourists used to visit Turkey and keep their minds fresh from the nature beauties,,

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