Sunday, 20 January 2013

Beautiful Fountain Shaped light made in walk way ; Seoul, Korea

Traditional House in Korea, Close to Nature

Beautiful view of Seoul City

Skyscrapers in Seoul Korea

Beautiful Night view of Seoul City

Seoul hosted 2005 Olympic, Football Stadium 

Korean people busy in shopping

HYATT building in Seoul, Perfect city for shopping

Beautiful night view of city across the river

Shopping Malls in Korea is bigger than some of the cities in Europe

Beautiful view of river in the city

Koreans rides 

Amazing river cutting Seoul City

Skyscrapers in Seoul City

Just Wowww

Pot Models made up of plants and grass

Respect for the Nature

Seoul is the worlds 10th most beautiful city.

Seoul is the Most beautiful city in Korea. It is the largest city of Korea. South Korea has a wide variety of Seasons. I personally found Korea, a very beautiful and peaceful country. The Night of Seoul is Soul catching. Seoul and Seolnal are the biggest Holidays of Korea. In fact Korea is the perfect place for Trips and  Holidays.
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